Community FAQs


Sometimes the registration emails will find their way into the Spam or Junk folders in your email. If this is the case, please notify your email service and let them know that our emails should not be going into those folders. Also, if you use Gmail, it is possible the registration email went into the Promotions Folder. If you continue to have trouble, contact us at

You will need to activate your account before you can have full access to the SupportCommunity. Please find the activation email in your email inbox and follow the instructions to activate your account. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us at

Forgive and forget but not your password. For an instance, you forgot your password. Go to the link for signing in. Click ‘Forgot Password?’. Provide your email address and click submit. Once submitted, never forget to check your inbox and see password reset details. Never forget to enter your new password. Finally, we believe that you can sign in once again with your new password.

We hate to see you go, but go to your account, select settings, then select Close my Account. Your account will then be closed.


We want to make sure that you have control over who sees your story. We encourage you to share your experience with the world, helping them learn from your experience. If you would like to limit the people that can read and learn from your story, you can control this feature in privacy settings.

YES! We all face so many challenges in life. The more stories you write; the more people you can help. All of our stories and life experiences influence each other. Select 'Create Your Story' under the Stories tab.

YES! We are always changing our stories and most importantly, how we understand our experiences and the meanings we apply to events in our lives.

At the end of writing your story, you will have the opportunity to tag people to add to your story by writing about the event from their own perspective. Just add their emails and a short message encouraging them to write their part of the story. We will do the rest!

Chat and Video Calls

You have a lot of choices to communicate with another member. You have the option to send a chat message, which can be used to introduce yourself to that member and ask any questions that you would like. You also have the option to have a video conference with a fellow member, just click that video icon and we will start the linking process.

Both members have to agree that they want to be a match. If one member decides to not pursue communication, there will not be a link established.


This is a piece of cake. Go to your profile, select Personal Info, click Edit and then select Username. You will be able to make any changes there. We will inform you of your preferred user name is available or not. If it is available, it's yours ;-).

We allow children that are 13 and older to use our site. We work hard to keep our community safe for all of our users. We encourage all parents to be aware of how their children are using the Internet and have open discussions with their children. We recommend having the family computer in a communal part of the house J.


Friends are people that you consider part of your support system. You should add a friend if you would like to maintain a relationship with them by giving and providing support.


If a member you wish to block from contacting you has acted inappropriately, we also recommend that you let us know about it by clicking the Report a Concern link on the member's profile.